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Title: Sam's Anti-Sea Bear Circle

Sam and Dean Winchester © Supernatural 

Anti-Sea Bear Circle © Spongebob Squarepants 

"Dean, why aren’t you listening?" Gabriel sighed in exasperation as Dean was again dozing off. 

"I’m sorry, but French is fucking boring." Dean sighed, rolling his head back as Gabriel scowled, shuffling through his French notes.

"Dean, it’s not that hard. You just have to remember the ‘je,’ ‘tu,’ ‘il’ and ‘elle,’ ‘nous,’ ‘vous,’ ‘ils’ and ‘elles.’ Which mean, ‘I,’ ‘you,’ ‘he,’ ‘she,’ ‘we,’ ‘you (plural)’ and ‘they (male)’ and ‘they (female).’ Also, that it’s always considered ‘ils’ even if there is a group of girls with one boy, it’s still ‘ils,’ and— Dean!Gabriel exclaimed as he noticed Dean snoozing off again. The boy jolted awake at the mention of his name and lifted his head off the wall. The two were sitting in Dean’s room, Sam out doing God knows what and the two’s parents away. 

"See, this is why French is lame. Why can’t we learn useful things, like how to woo pretty French girls with it?" Dean winked at Gabriel who rolled his amber eyes. Gabriel had to tutor Dean when their French teacher told Gabriel Dean was failing and needs a tutor, so the teacher choose Gabriel since he was the best in class.

"Dean, if you don’t pass this class, you’ll have to take it over summer. At least try." Gabriel flipped the page. 

"So, what is the French infinitive verb for ‘to eat?’" Gabriel asked.

"Um, 'manger?'" Dean answered, raising a brow as if to say, ‘this is fucking stupid, can I leave now?’

"Yeah, awesome!" Gabriel smiled, and it made Dean smile back, but Dean’s frown appeared back easy in realization.

"This is dumb."

"Dean, you have to try, do it for you!" Gabriel sighed as he got up, trying to reach out over Dean. It was almost hopeless. Dean wasn’t going to pass no matter what, and Gabriel was at the point of giving up. As he got up, he lost balance and tripped and landed smack dab on Dean’s lap, facing him, legs on either side of Dean. The amount of blush surging on Gabriel’s cheeks was unbelievable. 

M-Merde!” (Shit!) Gabriel exclaimed, his cheeks heating up even more, if possible. Gabriel had a bad tendency to curse in French. (Blame his partial French background.)

"Oh, désolé.” (Oh, sorry.) Dean said, shifting a bit to adjust but fuck, Gabriel was pressing in all the right places and—

"Did you just say ‘sorry’ in French?" Gabriel’s cheeks were still a pretty red, but now he was confused. Dean looked up.

"Um, non?”

"Liar. You did!" 

"Of course not. I don’t know French." Dean tried to reassure him, giving Gabriel his best ‘I don’t know a single thing, okay?’ look. Gabriel raised his brows, but sighed.

"I guess…" Gabriel said, not really believing Dean but not totally with it. 

"Mhh, je ne sais pas.” (I don’t know.) Dean said again, pressing his face a bit into Gabriel’s chest, his arms settled at the smaller male’s hips. Gabriel stiffened. What the… “Très bien.” (Very good.) Dean now whispered as he smelled the boy’s shirt, the scent of candy and ginger wafting gently. And very quietly, he whispered, “Miens.” (Mine.)

"Did you just say ‘very good,’ because that totally sounds out of context. And stop smelling me, it’s weird. And how do you know all this French?" Gabriel asked. Dean never failed to amaze him…. more like creep him out.

"You’re a good teacher?" Dean tried, looking up at the boy filling his lap.

"Not working." Gabriel said, rolling his eyes. "I barely taught you anything."

"I don’t know then." Dean said, biting his lip, trying to find a good enough excuse.

"Then why are you failing French? You know French pretty well by what I see. What’s the deal Dean?" Gabriel demanded, crossing his arms.

Rien.” (Nothing.)

"Are you trying to woo me with French words?" Gabriel insisted, not letting the subject go, because Dean sure was using a lot of French words.

"Aren’t you French or something?" Dean drove the topic elsewhere.

"Kind of." Gabriel admitted. "Halfish, maybe."

"Well, I kind of don’t like showing that I know a bit of French…" Dean slowly said, drawling it out.

"Why not?"

"Wait Gabriel, listen. Okay, the only reason why I know French is because…" Dean said.

"Because what?"

"Because… I do it… pour tu.” (For you.) Dean admitted, and he felt as if something was clawing his stomach.

"For me? What do I have to do with that?" Gabriel asked, doing that cute little thing where he cocked his eyebrow and fuck

"Gabriel, I watch the French channel and spend extensive time learning French to impress you! Je t’aime Gabriel!” (I love you Gabriel!) Dean shouted, not realizing that he said that so loudly and to Gabriel. Fuck. He might as well tell the whole story, since he was already at it.

"I only fail classes so I can have a tutor, ‘cause I know you’re the best! I know French because I want to impress you, yet I wanted to spend time with you while you tutor me, and I slack off so I can have more time! You have no idea how much I adore you Gabriel, you are everything to me. I fucking learned a whole language for you. I really, really fucking like you. I just said, I even I love you Gabriel Novak. Please understand… or something." Dean took a big breath of air as all his secrets poured out like a waterfall. Dean just sounded like a girl and what he said was so fucking dumb he should have shot himself, but it was all true. He really did like Gabriel, a lot (don’t ask how), but he did. No denying that. Gabriel’s eyes were wide, shining amber and Dean couldn’t help but stare.

"Really?" The boy looked hopeful, as if this was some kind of trick.

"Yeah, really." Dean smiled, feeling his insides warm up in that stupid fuzzy way.

"Dean, wow… Moi aussi, je t’aime Dean Winchester." (I love you too Dean Winchester.) Gabriel said, feeling his heart race at speeds that were undeniable. "I really do. I have actually, for a while. I just couldn’t tell you, and—" Gabriel cut himself off and hugged Dean tightly, almost out of nowhere, whispering ‘I love you’ over and over in French and English. Dean hugged back tightly and gripped Gabriel’s shirt. 

The two then spent the time they planned on studying instead kissing and grabbing each other and moving and whispering sweet nothings in French and English, Dean enjoying the shudders of pleasure Gabriel continued to emit while the smaller male was still in his lap. It wasn’t just some lust, Dean knew it, it was love and it felt so fucking right, so soft, so warm. 

Gabriel soon had to go home, much to both of their disappointments, but Dean reassured him with a soft kiss. Dean still had to check through his notes since his French test was tomorrow.

"I’ll see you." Gabriel clutched his things in his arm, his gaze sad. Dean lifted his face and kissed his nose.

"I’ll see you too Gabriel." Dean smiled, and the other boy left, traces of a joyful glance emitting.

The next day, after Dean spent most of his time thinking about Gabriel and not his French, he got to class.

"Oh, Mr. Winchester. Ready to fail?" His teacher smirked while Dean rolled his eyes as he sat down.

"Not this time." And it was only a couple of minutes into class when the test started that Dean finished all the five pages of the exam, passing them to his teacher. The teacher flipped through, quickly scanning, and his eyes widened.

"Um, thank you. You can go sit down." And Dean waited till the class finished, and before he left, his teacher tapped his shoulder and gave him back his test, a big fat red ‘A+’ on the paper. His test was the only one graded, but it didn’t matter. Dean’s eyes widened. He did it. He finally fucking did good on a French test even though he sucked at taking tests, but whatever! He passed!

"Congratulations." The teacher said but Dean was already out of the room and hunting for Gabriel. The blond male was at his locker, flipping through something, and didn’t notice Dean almost run into his locker at break neck speed.

"Gabriel!" Dean cried as he got to the male, panting and out of breath.

"What is it?" Gabriel asked, closing his locker and gazing softly at the man. Dean swore he could never get tired of Gabriel, ever.

"I passed!" And Dean showed Gabriel the ‘A+’ on the paper. Gabriel smiled, and looked at Dean.

"That’s great!" And they pulled each other into a tight hug, Gabriel missing that feeling of warmth he got from Dean.

Merci mon cher." (Thank you my dear.) Dean whispered, and Gabriel felt his face heat up. "I couldn’t have done it without you."

"I love you." Gabriel muttered, pressing closer to Dean.

"I love you too." Dean breathed back.

Gabriel had no fucking idea what the fuck he was doing standing in front of Lucifer. Seriously, this was the fucking Devil, you know, Satan we’re talking about. No matter how much Lucifer was Gabriel’s brother and how much Gabriel did love Lucifer, he couldn’t stand him off like this. He would never be able to kill him. Lucifer knew all his tricks and moves, you just couldn’t fool the Devil. So why was Gabriel even trying?

It goes by the name of Dean Winchester. Those stupid green eyes that sparkled into a pretty light jade color, his dark brown hair that was styled so perfectly, that strong jaw, those full, pink lips. Gabriel knew Dean was fucking pretty, and he’s come to accept that he, well, loved Dean. And that fucking bastard didn’t even try.

So, throw in cocky remark, Dean gets pissed off, rage, some hit on each other’s family, someone fixes the problem, and repeat. Gabriel was tired, tired of it all. Blame him if he wanted to just give up the charade and tell Dean that even if he was a huge douchebag dick, this stupid archangel had to fall in love with him anyway, so Dean was going to deal with it, but no. That wasn’t happening. Not now or ever. 

So Gabriel now stood in front of Lucifer, already digging his grave, already have given Dean the Casa Erotica DVD, and Gabriel was fucked. He never got to tell Dean how he felt, how a stupid human made him get butterflies like some little teenage girl, all those things Gabriel never got to do.

It was already too late. The knife Gabriel went to stab Lucifer with quickly turned on him, and the dagger settled deep inside Gabriel’s gut, the angel let out a strangle noise. Gabriel saw Lucifer’s pain. He wanted to kill his brother as much as Gabriel did. Too late though.

'I'm so sorry Dean.' Was the last thing Gabriel thought before Lucifer yanking out the dagger and let Gabriel fall to the ground, dead. Lucifer swallowed down his emotions and left, no second thoughts, nothing.

All the things Dean will never know. All the things Dean still thinks Gabriel is. All those small things, gone, forever just a memory and left to the dust.

At least Gabriel got to protect the one he loved one last time. 

I love you…”

"Looky Sammy what I got!" Dean, a stubby little ten year old cried, running to his little brother Sam, who was outside of their motel by a tree, reading a book. Dean was definitely sure their dad didn’t know they were there, but it was probably for the better.

He got to Sam, and the younger male realized Dean was holding a basket. A basket of shiny, bright red apples that probably had that nice crunch to them. Sam’s eyes widened, dropping his book as he grabbed one quickly before Dean could even set it down and took a big bite out of it, smiling brightly.

Dean giggled and sat down next to Sam, who was crunching away on his apple, book forgotten. The sun was low, and it was almost time to go back to the motel, but not now. Not when it was warm, a cool breeze and the sky was a misty blue. It was almost out of a fairytale book. Plus, Dean just got out here.

"Hey Sam, I wanna try something with you. Here’s a fun game. You take an apple and grab it by the stem, twist and pull it while saying the alphabet. Whatever letter you managed to pull the stem out, that’s the first letter of your future wife or husband." Dean explained, holding out another red apple to Sam, who looked at it curiously. Sam took it in his hands, giving Dean the other one, and Sam started while Dean finished Sam’s other apple.

It only took till ‘D’ before Sam pulled it out. Both were confused. It wasn’t that Sammy wasn’t strong, but he couldn’t be that strong to pull it out…

"Um, maybe it was weak? Here, try again." Dean passed the boy another apple, took the stemless one and ate it.

Sam tried again, only to land on ‘D’ again. Frustrated, Sam tried three more times, and only got ‘D.’ Dean didn’t get it. These apples were definitely not that old….and Sam wasn’t that strong…

Dean finished off the last apple that Sam pulled stemless, and Dean decided to try himself. Grabbing another apple and giving Sam the one he started, Dean sang the alphabet as well, finding that it wasn’t pulling off too easily.

Once he got to ‘S,’ it snapped. Dean blinked. What was that?… Dean grabbed another, and got ‘S’ again. After trying a few more times, he still got ‘S.’ What was this?

Dean sighed, him and Sam laying in a pile of apples and cores, then blinked as he started thinking about what those letters meant as Sam finished another apple that Dean had popped the stem off. He was surprised that Sam hadn’t lost his appetite yet, from all the apples…

'S… and D, could that?…' Dean’s eyes widened in shock. No, it couldn’t. It wasn’t. No fucking way. Maybe Sam would get someone named Deanna or Danielle, and Dean would get a Samantha or Sandy or something…

He brushed off the thought, plus, these things were stupid and silly anyway and not real, and he went for an apple that was in the basket, not looking to see where his hand went. Sam also at the same time for an apple, not paying attention either. Their hands brushed, Dean’s eyes widening as he pulled away, blushing, and Sam also slowly pulled his hand away, turning red as well.

They both tried not to think about it too much….